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Why Do We Dress Up For Halloween?

Halloween was introduced in America by immigrants from Ireland and Scotland back in the early 20th century and is now very much part of the American culture enjoyed by all ages.

Its been commercialised and made popular by the US and is increasingly celebrated around the world on 31st October every year. It’s a time to go door to door with friends, wearing costumes, the scarier the better, asking for a trick or treat.

Planning what to wear, what tricks to play on others and how to decorate the house is planned well in advance. Streets run competitions, for the best decorated house, towns vote on the best costume and some dream spend weeks planning what tricks to perform.

But how can you decide what to wear?

Deciding on a theme

There are plenty of costume choices to choose from, 3 of which are:
Classic based costumes, bloody vampires, scary ghosts, witches, the devil, mummy, skeletons, are the traditional options as these are worn to scare away the bad spirits.

Profession based costumes, police officers, fire fighters, solders, doctors, nurses, teachers, mad scientist, accountants, lawyers. Dressing up as an accountant or lawyer does not really require any costume preparation as you can wear what you usually wear to work.

Movie based costumes, suitable for adults and children some options are, star wars, Harry Potter, twilight series, Disney movie characters, batman, snow white, ninja costumes, teenage mutant turtles.

Getting the costume

Making it

Those who are good at sewing can make elaborate costumes that would be better than anything store bought. It would be well made, original and can be personalised.

Those who either are unable to sew or do not have the time to make something from scratch can go through all their clothes and select a few key pieces that can be put together to make a costume.

If you are handy with a glue gun, make up and scissors, you could also make the accessories to go with the costume, such as a skull. Apply some make up to give your outfit the scary look and you are done.

Buy it

If you don’t want to make your own costume, you could buy one either online or in a store. Its easy to do and all accessories (excluding make up) come with the costume.

Borrow it

Hire a costume from a fancy dress shop or borrow one from a friend.

Wear the costume

Once a theme and been decided on and you have got he costume, there are a few more things to add to get the look you want. This can be achieved through the use of make up and accessories.

If you are going for the vampire look, use make up to make your skin look pale and don’t forget to use something red to show everyone you have just sucked the blood out of someone’s neck.

Princes and Princesses would need a crown, knights would need a sword and witches would need either a broom or a cauldron.

Storing the costume for next year

As this is a yearly event, costumes would be needed for next year.

Its best to store your costumes properly so it can be used again and again, after all, you went through all this effort for a few hours of fun and would like to have fun again the following year, when you can take out your well stored costume and wear again.

This is when you find out you’ve put weight on and need to let out the seems a little. Of course this can be prevented, if you take a fat burning pill that would prevent this from happening or you could always buy, make or borrow costumes that are loose fitting.


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