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The Ninja- One of the Most Epic Halloween Costumes

Halloween is definitely one of the most unique holidays around!  As stated in previous posts, there are certainly a myriad number of costumes that one can fabricate in their imagination.  Some of the stereotypical Halloween costumes might include vampires, witches, ghosts, goblins, zombies and numerous more.  Over the years, however, culture has steadily begun to create many new and unique costumes.

Halloween Ninja

One of the biggest additions to the Halloween parade is that of the Ninja!  Ninja costumes, although not quite as traditional as the ghost or vampire, has grown exponentially in popularity over the years.  It has grown so much in popularity that it is reaching the point of being borderline cliche.  Despite the spike in popularity, there is certainly enough room for anyone to look cool in a Ninja outfit, whether you’re a little girl, a sporty basketball player, or even a geeky scientist producing capsicum extract in a food lab!

The ninja is starting to become a lot more diversified as well!  Ninjas at their very root of history, are simply known as “masters of disguise.”  Although the generalized image of a Ninja is one disguised in a black outfit with a mask that covers the mouth, Ninjas did not necessarily wear that throughout history.  They were known for wearing all types of outfits in order to hide their identity and fit in with whatever crowd they were trying to blend in with.

Ninja Crowd

Throughout recent years there has been so much extrapolation and extensions of the Ninja concept!  One popular example is the Ninja Turtle franchise.  The Ninja Turtle franchise, which has exploded into multiple cartoons, shows, movies, toys, and even food, is one example of how the concept of a Ninja could create such a huge impact.

Female Ninja Halloween


It’s now common to see all sorts of Ninja variations whether it’s robotic Ninjas, Power Ranger Ninjas, female Ninjas, G.I. Joe Ninjas, and the list could go on and on.  Regardless of what “type” of Ninja you choose to be, the Ninja is certainly a fun and popular Halloween costume.  The Ninja concept has certainly made a mark in contemporary culture and will certainly continue waving its katana blade for years to come.

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