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Batman: World’s Most Famous Gothic Creation?

Hey everyone!  I’m doing something a little bit different today.  This is something that you might not think about when it comes to the Gothic world (or maybe it does, I don’t know..).  I wanted to talk about my favorite superhero Batman!

I never really thought about it before until I started this website, but Batman is really a true semblance of the stylistic aspect of Gothic culture.  First off, if you look at his clothing, it’s black in color.  Black is the Goth standard when it comes to style.  Batman’s clothing, weapons, Batmobile, and Bat jet are all black.  Even the clothes that Batman’s butler Alfred wears, are black!

batman gothic photo 1

Second, in addition to the color that Batman wears, the other aspect of him that parallels Goths is the animal that he embodies.  Bats can be considered Goth in their own right.  They represent something frightening.  They represent something devastating.  They represent something that’s shrouded in mystery.  Bats are creatures that the Gothic culture have really come to love and admire.  Gargoyles are a great example of bats being symbolized by Goths. Gargoyles are basically a different form of Batman.  They serve and protect their master, while embodying elements of both man and bat.

batman gothic photo 2

Last, but certainly not least, let’s not forgot Batman’s ultimate weapon!  No, it’s not his super cool Batmobile.  No, it’s not his Bat boomerangs.  No, it’s not his smokescreens.  No, it’s not his steroid-like muscles.  It’s his ability to cast fear into his enemies.  Bats were Bruce Wayne’s biggest fear, but he was able to turn that fear into his greatest weapon.  The Gothic culture admires the mystery and fear that its creations are able to project onto the world.  Batman is the perfect example of the terror and mystery that one can weaponize.

How about you?  Are there any superheroes or even regular people or things that you may not have considered “Goth,” but may in fact possess Goth-like traits?  Our everyday surrounding might be more than meets the eye.


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